Are you former military who is needing help transitioning back into the civilian work world? Do you need help writing a resume or shoring up your standard English skills for job applications or your role in a corporate work environment?

Projects on an A-la-carte Basis

If you opt not to become a member, you can also use our a-la-carte services. You can submit a document for editing and have one of our editors provide feedback for you on a per-project basis. For a quote on your project or course:


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Our membership services are geared toward veterans who need help on an ongoing basis with either the job application process or improving their writing skills for work in the civilian workplace. You can have one of our tutors or editors work with you to improve your writing skills, either in general or on specific projects, such as a job application, essay, or cover letter. With your monthly subscription, you also have access to our Center, attend our classes, or get one-on-one guidance, either on the phone or in person.

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  • access to any or all of our writing courses
  • 20 pages of editing or proofreading per month
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