English as a Second Language (ESL)

Need help either learning the language or translating a document? We are here to help speakers from other countries both write and speak the English language more efficiently.

English Linguistics for a Global Audience

If you opt not to become a member, you can also use our a-la-carte services. Submit a document for editing and have one of our editors provide feedback for you on a per-project basis. Click here for a quote on your project or course.


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Our ESL membership services help those with ongoing support speaking and writing the English language. For [] per month, one of our tutors works with you both in speaking the language and learning to write more efficiently, either in a broad sense or on specific projects. With your monthly subscription, you also have access to our Center, attend our classes, or get one-on-one guidance, either on the phone or in person. Your subscription includes:

  • access to any or all of our writing courses
  • 20 pages of editing/proofreading per month
  • weekly check-ins and emails with writing tips, advice

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